Bear (Vickie S.) 

Kathy Kuebler has such a passion for animals. This wonderful service she provides through Paws Forever made the passing of my beautiful and sweet dog, Bear, so peaceful. I am so thankful for Paws Forever. Kathy returned his ashes in a beautiful redwood box, along with a plaster paw print and hair clipping. This is a wonderful option. 

         Bear was the most gentle, sweet, and loving soul, and I wanted to make sure he was remembered in a respectful and loving way. Paws Forever and Kathy provided me with that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Toby P. (Debbie P.)  

My heartfelt thanks to Kathy Kuebler for her very quick response to my need! I was sitting in an exam room, praying for the best, yet preparing for the worst. Kathy answered my call immediately. She came to my home within the hour after Toby’s passing. 

         I know my Toby was handled with the utmost care, love, and respect after his soul left us. Although my heart still aches, I know my Toby is at peace. 

Nikki (Lindsay W.)    

There are absolutely no words to express how amazing this company is and how compassionate and empathetic Kathy is. When our wonderful husky Nikki passed away, we were worried how we could lift her to the car and to our vet. Worried if we could even emotionally handle picking up our dog. When Kathy came to our house,


immediately there was this warmth and comfort. Kathy doesn't just pick up your dog and run. She takes her time to get to know you and your situation, with respect and kindness that I can only compare to a literal angel helping with a process no one wants to deal with. 

         I was at first worried about how she would be able to pick up our dog. She absolutely handled it like a pro, all the while being graceful and confident handling her, putting her onto a stretcher, buckling her onto it, then putting a pink cozy blanket on top of her. 

         We chose to have Nikki cremated and brought back to us. She was put in a beautiful cherry wood box with a personal engraving. We also received a clay imprint of Nikki's paw print, a folder of beautiful poems, some clippings of her fur, a nose print of Nikki, and a personal card from Kathy. 

         Kathy is a woman I would absolutely trust to come to again if anything happens to my other pets. The kindness she showed not only to us but to Nikki will always have a lasting effect on us.

Gus (Alex D.) 

I cannot say enough about how amazing Kathy is and how valuable the service she offers is. My wife and I lost our fur-baby, Gus, on January 8th after a long battle with Uveo-Dermatologic Syndrome and the absolute war it caused his immune system to wage on his body. As I write about him still with tears streaming down my face, I can't begin to describe how distraught

Gus 2 [REPLACE].jpg

and beside ourselves Chrissy and I were that morning when Gus decided it was his time to go with us by his side in our living room.

         Gus was a 107-pound Akita, so there was no practical way for us to transport him, particularly in the emotional state in which we found ourselves, anywhere outside of our home. Much less would we leave his remains in the care of some impersonal, cold business that would have treated the situation like one of waste disposal.

         At that point, we were very lucky that Kathy and Paws Forever were recommended by our awesome vet, who mentioned how personalized and dignified Kathy would make the entire process. We could not agree more. Kathy's immediate willingness to come out to our home (in High Ridge) within just a couple of hours of me calling that morning...the absolute dignity and love and respect with which she treated us and Gus' remains...her insistence on transporting Gus for us to her preferred partner for private cremation so she could be sure his cremains would be delivered back to us, along with all sorts of other mementos like a paw print, nose prints, and locks of his fur. Kathy really is simply the best, and you can tell how much she genuinely loves and cares for all the animals she encounters.

         That's not even scratching the surface of the emotional support Kathy offered on that fateful day, and especially the continued support she has offered since then, calling and writing frequently to check on us and allow us to just talk about Gus and his life with someone who you can tell loves dogs and shares that feeling of how special they are to the people they loved and who loved them. 

         At the end of the day: For less money than we would have spent to transport Gus to a facility ourselves and allow him to be cremated communally without the return of his ashes or any of the other mementos Kathy put so much time and care into, we were able to get back a beautiful cherry wood box containing Gus' cremains with a beautiful brass plaque for which we chose the engraving. More than that, Kathy treated Gus' remains with respect, dignity, and love while transporting him and created lasting mementos for us like the molded paw print and ink nose prints that she returned with his cremains, as well as locks of his fur gingerly taken from his remains and given with a beautiful poem explaining where each lock had been taken from. 

         Add on top of that all the priceless emotional support and personal follow-up she’s provided even well after she took him and returned his remains. There really is no better process we could imagine for dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. Kathy and Paws Forever are simply the best there is. She has an undying passion for the work she does, and you can tell as soon as you meet her and speak to her that she really does love all the animals who come into her care. May God bless Kathy and all of the hard but invaluable work she does!

Vic (Mike I.) On January 29, 2018, my wife Erin and I received some of the worst news possible: Our beloved, gentle, champion bloodline Doberman Vic was covered in cancer. We were (and still are) devastated. Vic’s chance of responding to treatment was painfully low and his health was rapidly failing, so we made the heartbreaking


decision to let Vic go.


Kathy was referred to us by a family member who had recently lost one of their fur babies, and when I called Kathy, I was overwhelmed by the love and compassion she showed us. She met Erin and me at our veterinary professional’s office and stayed with us as I put my best friend to rest. 


Kathy stayed with Vic

and took him to be cremated. He was back with us the next day in a beautiful custom urn.


If you are reading this and considering Kathy’s services, stop considering her and contact her immediately. She loves animals and will take care of you and your loved one during a time of difficulty. She is a cherished person to me, and I hope you will choose her services when the time comes.

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